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The UI Practicum

Weekly Newsletter on UI/UX Design & Product Strategy

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Your SaaS business might be losing money because of UI/UX issues. Your customers file support tickets with the same old problems, or churn before getting started. It shouldn't be this way! Don't wait for the next time you're "in design mode" — start with small everyday improvements. Provided certain knowledge, you don't need an expensive UI/UX consultant to achieve small everyday wins.

Design is complicated, but it's also a solid craft full of logic. This newsletter will make some of this logic obvious to you. It will help you confidently address individual design issues by applying simple, actionable techniques.

What goes into each issue?

Each issue addresses a specific problem that you struggle with. The primary focus here is UI/UX design, but it can't be treated in isolation — we'll also get into customer development, product strategy, and some marketing.

First, we'll go over the problem and underlying reasons. Then we'll dive into the practicum section: what exacts steps you can undertake today to address this problem within your own business.

UI Practicum is great for...

  • SaaS founders who want to stay in control of their UI/UX issues to reduce churn and make customers happy
  • Developers who want to build well-structured, focused software that customers will actually use
  • Product managers, consultants and UI/UX designers who want to adopt effective design practices


The UI Practicum

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